The Walking Dead: All that remains

First episode of the second season of the post-apocalyptic series


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  • Category Adventure
  • Program license Full Version
  • Works under: Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Telltale Games

A no-spoiler review of this very popular game.

The story continues with this Walking Dead game, and if you have not watched season two of the TV show, then maybe you shouldn’t play this game. That is not to say that you cannot play it without watching the TV show; the truth is you can play the game if you’ve never even heard of The Walking Dead. It is maybe just a little better if you are a fan of the show to play the game after watching the TV series first. This paragraph is as close as this review gets to being a spoiler.

You Have To Survive In A World Gone Mad

TellTale are more known for making point-and-click games, and you can see where their experience has come in handy because there is certainly a point-and-click feel interspersed with the action and tension within the game.

There Are No Mounted Jet Weapons

Remember in the first Metal Gear Solid game there is that massive guy that carries a Harrier jet machine gun around? Well, there is nothing like that in this game because you play the part of a young girl trying to survive. It is sometimes a little difficult to watch because she does not have a good time during the game. There are a lot of “gut punch” moments, and it is not the sort of game to play if you are already feeling a little low. This is not a feel-good game; this is a dramatic chiller game.

Test Your Morals, Instincts And Survival

Just like the previous game there are moral decisions you have to make that will determine where you go in the game and what happens to the people around you. If you are truly getting into the role of a young girl, then you have to ask yourself just how much the feeling of morality is supposed to take a toll. After all, you are a young child, so your only concern should be your own survival and your own comfort.

What Is Wrong With The Game?

If there are any criticisms of the game it is that it is not as good as the first. It has a few bugs, there are a few parts that are a little too linear, and it can become a little depressing at times as you see what happens to the girl. Otherwise, this is a great game and highly recommended.


  • Very artistic in graphical terms
  • Great atmosphere building
  • Moral and mortal choices will affect the outcome
  • A lot of in-depth and heartfelt story telling
  • The user experience is as good as the first


  • There are a few bugs/technical issues here and there
  • Not as good as the previous game
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